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Harvey "Red" Stapleford

Born February 25th, 1912 in Watford Ontario, ‘Red’ began his hockey career with the Stratford Midgets and later played for the Windsor Mic-Macs.

Arriving in Britain in 1934, he spent 4 seasons playing for Streatham before joining the Wembley Lions for the 38/39 season. Following the Second World War, he returned to Streatham as player/coach in 1946. This led to him becoming full time coach the following season, but a playing comeback was made in the 48/49 season. He remained with the Streatham club in South London until the rink closed its doors to ice hockey in 1954. During that period of coaching, Harvey Stapleford was a three times All Star A-team coach.

As well as helping Streatham to become the most consistently successful club in the English National League in the immediate post-war era, ‘Red’ Stapleford through many contacts in his native Canada, recruited a seemingly endless stream of skilful, crowd-pleasing players for virtually every senior club in Britain.

He spent a period in Europe coaching and eventually returned to London as Commissioner for the Government of Ontario

Harvey Stapleford died in February 1983 in London, England.

Compiled with research, provided by Martin C.Harris – 1986.

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