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Great Britain Rosters

World Championship silver medal winners

*Known to be Canadian born players

Goalie Reg Merrifield Sussex
Goalie Jimmy Foster  Harringay Greyhounds
Defence Bob Wyman Richmond Redwings
Defence *Gordon Dailley (C) Wembley Monarchs
Defence Ronnie Wilson Richmond Redwings
Defence Pete Woozley Richmond Redwings
Forward Norm McQuade Wembley Monarchs
Forward Alex Archer Wembley Lions
Forward Art Ridley  Richmond Redwings
Forward Jimmy Chappell Earls Court Rangers
Forward Pete Halford Streatham Royals
Forward Gerry Davey Streatham
Forward Jimmy Kelly  Brighton
Forward Archie Stinchcombe Streatham
Coach *Percy Nicklin Harringay Greyhounds
Manager Bunny Ahearne   
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