Can Cleaning Be Fast and Fun?

People love to live in a clean environment. Who likes to live in a dirty home or work in a dirty office? Pretty much no one. Wait, no, not pretty much no one, just no one!

But keeping a tidy and clean home or office can be quite tedious with constant distractions and life getting in the way. If you’re not hiring someone to do the cleaning for you then you need to get the cleaning done by yourself.

Today we bring you are a few fun tips that will try to do exactly that. Put the fun in cleaning and speed it up so you don’t dread the monotonous task.

Tip #1 – Declutter

First, you need to declutter. There is no point trying to clean your home or office if you have boxes on the floor, clothes lying around, toys everywhere and so on. So step one is really to tidy everything up so you can start to clean without moving things around too much.

If you have things that do generally live on the floor like say your shoes near your front door. Then pack everything up into a box for the time being and put it into a cupboard.

Tip #2 – Clean As You Go

One of the best cleaning tips that you an keep in mind is to clean as you go. Don’t leave all your cleaning work to the last minute so it piles up.

  • If the bin gets full empty it
  • If the dishes pile up after meals then cleaning them right away or put them into the dishwasher
  • When tables get dusty sweep the dust onto the floor and then
  • Sweep once you see dust building up on the floors

These are just a few tips to keep in mind. But in general, if something is a mess then get it cleaned. This way once you do your regular weekly clean it won’t take as long and you’ll also fell good during the week knowing your home or office is quite tidy.

Tip #3  Don’t Be Cheap

Keeping a clean home or office takes a little investment. So don’t be cheap. When it comes to having enough bins for your home or office then buy what is needed. For example, you might need a few small bins for your bathrooms, a bin in the laundry, a bin in the kitchen, or two and a bin for outside.

Then you might need some general cleaning equipment you keep in your home such as mops, detergent, toilet cleaners and toilet brushes and so on. If you don’t have the right equipment in your home or office you won’t be able to clean as you go like we talked about in tip number two.

And don’t forget bin liners or rubish bags as you might know them. There are no point just having bins that will get dirty and small. It’s best to use proper bin liners. If you have the budget and want to get a Nottingham cleaning company in to do the cleaning for you then you can save lots of time. Is it worth it? That’s up to you to decide as you can’t get time back in the end.

Tip #4 – Break Up Your Cleaning Routine

There is really no need to do all your cleaning in one go. We have already talked about cleaning as you go in tip number two. The next step is to break your cleaning into different days of the week. If you like you can do all your cleaning on one day but that might take up to much time and if you know you’re up for say two hours of cleaning you will be more likely to put it off.

Whereas if you know you just need to spend 30 minutes on getting the bathroom clean then you are more likely to do your job.

For example, you might want to beak down your cleaning into something similar to this schedule:

  • Monday – Vacuuming
  • Wednesday – Bathroom Cleaning
  • Friday – Kitchen Cleaning
  • Sunday – Living Rooms

This way you cover your two hours of cleaning each week in small bite-sized 30-minute chunks and it doesn’t really fell like you are committing that much to do the overwhelming and tedious task of cleaning.

This will also help you to do a good job. If you know you have two hours of cleaning ahead of your then you might get lazy. On the flip side if you know you just have to do one part of the cleaning for the day then you will more than likely do the job right for that part of your house.