Ice Hockey
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All Star Team

1956 - 1957
British National League
A TeamB Team
Tony Parisi (Brighton Tigers)GoalRon Kilby (Wembley Lions)
Don Johnston (Haringay Racers)DefenceBill Simpell (Paisley Pirates)
Red Kurz (Brighton Tigers)DefenceLorne Smith (Nottingham Panthers)
Victor 'Chick' Zamick (Nottingham Panthers)ForwardTom Lemon (Paisley Pirates)
Les Strongman (Wembley Lions)ForwardRon Flinn (Brighton Tigers)
Tom Rendall (Brighton Tigers)ForwardBill Glennie (Harringay Racers)
Joe Connors (Brighton Tigers)UtilityBill Simpell (Paisley Pirates)
Fred Denny (Brighton Tigers) CoachBill Glennie (Harringay Racers)
Sam Cowan (Brighton Tigers)TrainerHarry Aldridge (Haringay Racers)

* British born
** British born and trained

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