Ice Hockey
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All Star Team

1955 - 1956
British National League
A TeamB Team
Ed Lockhead (Paisley Pirates) GoalJack Siemon (Nottingham Panthers)
Red Kurz (Brighton Tigers)DefenceGar Vasey (Brighton Tigers)
** Tiny Syme (Paisley Pirates) DefenceVic Fildes (Wembley Lions)
Art Sullivan (Paisley Pirates) ForwardBill Glennie (Harringay Racers)
Victor 'Chick' Zamick (Nottingham Panthers)ForwardKenny Booth (Wembley Lions)
Cece Cowie (Paisley Pirates)ForwardGerry Watson (Nottingham Panthers)
Gerry Watson (Nottingham Panthers) UtilityBill Ringer (Brighton Tigers)
Keith Kewley (Paisley Pirates) CoachVictor 'Chick' Zamick (Nottingham Panthers)
Sam Cowan (Brighton Tigers)TrainerR. McCrae (Paisley Pirates)

* British born
** British born and trained

Supplied from the Harris Ice Hockey Archives

Selected by (probably) ice hockey reporters

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