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1947 - 1948
English National League
A TeamB Team
Gib Hutchinson (Brighton Tigers)GoalEddie Daoust (Wembley Lions)
Gordie Poirer (Brighton Tigers)DefencePaddy Ryan (Streatham)
Danny Linton (Harringay Racers)DefenceKeith 'Duke' Campbell (Harringay Racers)
Bobby Lee (Brighton Tigers)ForwardDon Stay (Wembley Monarchs)
Bud McEachren (Streatham)ForwardVictor 'Chick' Zamick (Nottingham Panthers)
Dave Miller (Streatham)ForwardPete Payette (Harringay Racers)
Bobby Lee (Brighton Tigers)Coach*Alex Archer (Wembley Monarchs)

Scottish National League
A TeamB Team
Adrian Balanger (Glasgow Bruins)GoalGeorge Kovac (Dundee Tigers)
Art Hodgins (Paisley Pirates)DefenceHerb Kewley (Dunfermline Vikings)
Norm Gustavsen (Dundee Tigers)DefenceFloyd Snider (Fife Flyers)
Jack Thaler (Paisley Pirates)ForwardJohnny Sergnese (Perth Panthers)
Johnny Savicky (Falkirk Lions)ForwardRandy Ellis (Dunfermline Vikings)
Al Senior (Ayr Raiders)ForwardBob Palmer (Falkirk Lions)
Al Rogers (Fife Flyers)CoachLaurie Marchant (Dundee Tigers)

Selected by coaches, referees and reporters

* British born

Supplied from the Harris Ice Hockey Archives

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