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1938 - 1939
English National League
A TeamB Team
Gib Hutchinson (Earl Court Rangers)Goal*Jimmy Foster (Harringay Greyhounds)
Dick Behling (Harringay Greyhounds)DefenceFerrand Gillie (Brighton Tigers)
Frank Currie (Earl Court Rangers)DefenceHazen McAndrew (Harringay Greyhounds)
Steve Latoski (Harringay Racers)ForwardBobby Lee (Earl Court Rangers)
*Alex Archer (Wembley Lions)ForwardJack Forsey (Earl Court Rangers)
Joe Shack (Harringay Greyhounds)ForwardEarl Nicholson (Harringay Racers)

* British born

Supplied from the Harris Ice Hockey Archives

Selected by ice hockey reporters

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