Office Cleaning – What You Need to Know

Keeping a clean office is not a matter of if or but it’s a matter of must!

You must keep your office space clean or your staff will start to become quite disgruntled. It’s also important to keep your offices clean as it’s is a representation of your business and as they say, one’s business represents how one goes about life.

It’s also a health issue, not only can a dirty office cause issues regarding staff health but if the office place is the cause of staff getting sick all the time this will impact your bottom line also.

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Firm

It’s best to hire professional office cleaning staff to take care of the work as keeping an office clean is really not an easy task like keeping a home clean.

When you are looking for an office cleaning company it is very important to deal with commercial cleaning companies or janitorial companies only. Lots of cleaning companies do both office and home cleaning but as the saying goes ‘jack of all trades and master of none’. So you don’t want a company that does a little of everything. When you staff health and the bottom line is literally on the line you want a specialist commercial cleaning company or janitorial services provider to complete the work. This way you basically guarantee yourself that a good job will be done.

How Often to Clean An Office

The company that you hire will be able to offer you some advice on this but a good way to go about it is based on the size of your office. You need to think about how fast your office gets dirty.

Here is a rough guide based on staff for real commercial cleaning that needs to take place minus daily items such as bins that need to be emptied and relined.

  • Up to 10 Staff – Weekly Cleaning
  • Up to 25 Staff – 3x Per Week
  • Over 25 Staff – Daily Cleaning

If you have over 50 staff you should really consider having supplemental janitorial staff come in during the day to do some basic cleaning also and restock the bathrooms.

What to Look Out For

When you hire a cleaning company for your office you need to look out for a few things. First of all, remember that staff are not perfect and you can tell them to file away documents that are sensitive yet those documents still manage to stay desks overnight.

So it’s very important to hire a reliable office cleaning company that has a track record and does criminal background checks on their staff. In case some sensitive documents are left out overnight it won’t cause problems. The wrong cleaning staff could cause financial problems for your company if they take action on sensitive data.

What Cleaning Services Do You Need?

It is also a good idea to not just think about the fact that you need office cleaning staff but rather your particular needs. Just calling a commercial cleaning company and telling them you need office cleaning is very generic. When you have that conversation with an office cleaning company it’s best to get a customised package that is going to suit your particular office over some stock standard cleaning package that will miss cleaning tasks that you require. For example, ann office cleaning Winnipeg company called Workplace Janitorial Services does exactly this. They offer customized solutions if their standard plans don’t work out as a good solution for their cleaning clients.

Also, remember not to compromise. While commercial cleaning might be the cheapest type of cleaning it is very important to the overall wellbeing of your office work environment so it’s best to stay away from the cheapest cleaning companies and find something at mid-range pricing.

How to Keep Your Kitchen Sparkling Clean [Part 2]

Hopefully, you enjoyed our last post about kitchen cleaning. Today we bring you part two in our kitchen cleaning series with many more tips, trick and cleaning hacks to keep your kitchen fresh and sparkling.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Just ask grandma and she will confirm this! And for this reason, it’s very important to keep is clean and hygienic as it’s where all the food you eat is prepared.

If you are going to take you kitchens cleanliness serious then a great thing to do is to actually have all your cleaning supplies on hand.

Keep Cleaning Supplies on Hand

Spill something on the countertop? Wipe it up right away.

Need some detergent? It’s on hand ASAP.

Spill something on the floor? Mop it up right away!

How can you do this? Well, a good way to have all your cleaning supplies on hand is to simply have a dedicated section of your kitchen to store all your cleaning supplies. A good spot of this is cupboards that are above your skin if you have them. Or part of one shelf in the pantry.

For the items you need on hand right away you can hang a rack to keep towels, detergents and sponges. This way they will air out very easily also. If not, then just keep these kinds of cleaning supplies next to the skin.

Clean from Top to Bottom

To make sure your kitchen stays clean you should have an effective cleaning routine for your kitchen. If you don’t have a good cleaning routine then your kitchen will get very messing and you’ll forget to keep it clean.

What’s the best way to clean your kitchen? It’s from top to bottom! When you clean you may have noticed that what is below can actually get dirtier as you clean until you actually cover that area and finish cleaning.

For example. Imagine you start cleaning from bottom to top. You dust and wipe down the cupboards closer to the floor in the kitchen and you wipe down all the kitchen counter tops after giving them a good scrub.

What happens when you clean the cupboards near the roof? Well, all the dirt and grime you wipe away is going to fall on your freshly cleaned countertops.

So, in the end, the point is to use your brain! It’s very simple. Things stay cleaner and you stay happier if you clean from top to bottom.

Example Kitchen Cleaning Routine

Here is an example cleaning routine that you use to clean your own kitchen.

Start from the top as you have just learnt obviously. And that starts with dusting. Get all the light fixtures dusted. The top of the fridge and any cabinets you may have. Look around for anything else that is high up and could have dust. Get it dusted and then wipe down those same areas with a damp cloth do you make sure you get all the dust. If need be clean those areas with a cleaning solution also.

Your next stop is door handles and light switches. First, wipe down and second use a cleaning solution to properly clean.

Next up is the sink. First, run some water and flush away any excess food scraps and dirt. Then use a cleaning solution and scrub hard. After you are done let the cleaning solution sit without rinsing it away with water and when the time passes scrub hard again. This will ensure you’ve properly cleaned the skin.

The combination of the vinegar and lemon will pretty much rip anything off the sides of the microwave to a point that you will be able to come in and just wipe the rest away. So once the microwave is done with its minute or two just wipe everything away and if some scrubbing is needed it won’t be hard to get the leftovers out.

The glass plate can just be cleaned like a normal plate would be in the kitchen sink or you can put it in the dishwasher.

Next up is the stove. Remove the burners and soak them if that is the type that can be soaked with damage. After letting them soak for a good 30 minutes using some steel wool to scrub them hard if they are black metal. If they are stainless steel then use a normal sponge to clean them.

Once the burners are done use a degreaser to clean the stovetop. Spray on the degreaser and let it soak for a good 10 minutes. Then scrub it clean and wipe dry with a fresh cloth.

Don’t forget the fridge! It’s best to buy a cooler and put all your frozen food in the cooler first and the pile everything else on top. This way no food will spoil. Turn off the fridge and then remove all the shelves and draws and clean them as needed. Spray a detergent into the fridge and let it soak in for about 10 minutes and then scrub away if needed, if not just wipe away all the grime.

While you are waiting for the fridge to soak for 10 minutes you can clean all your small appliances. A simple sponge and detergent are perfectly fine for this task.

Next, you want to clean your microwave. Here is a little hack that you can use to clean it easier with less effort. Take a bowl of water, add some vinegar and some fresh lemon juice and microwave for about one minute.

Next up are the kitchen countertops. Clean with a detergent and then wipe clean and do the same with the cabinet doors and you are done except the floor.

Finally, clean the kitchen floor as normal and you are finished! This entire routine is very simple and logical from top to bottom without repeating any areas.

You should be able to clean your own kitchen within one hour. If you follow this cleaning routine twice per month while spot cleaning your kitchen as needed your kitchen will stay sparkling fresh!





How to Keep Your Kitchen Sparkling Clean [Part 1]

Today we bring you something different. Instead of a long drawn piece of reading we have a video for you on how to keep your kitchen sparkling clean!

Stay tuned for part two that will have even more kitchen clenaing tips and tricks.

Can Cleaning Be Fast and Fun?

People love to live in a clean environment. Who likes to live in a dirty home or work in a dirty office? Pretty much no one. Wait, no, not pretty much no one, just no one!

But keeping a tidy and clean home or office can be quite tedious with constant distractions and life getting in the way. If you’re not hiring someone to do the cleaning for you then you need to get the cleaning done by yourself.

Today we bring you are a few fun tips that will try to do exactly that. Put the fun in cleaning and speed it up so you don’t dread the monotonous task.

Tip #1 – Declutter

First, you need to declutter. There is no point trying to clean your home or office if you have boxes on the floor, clothes lying around, toys everywhere and so on. So step one is really to tidy everything up so you can start to clean without moving things around too much.

If you have things that do generally live on the floor like say your shoes near your front door. Then pack everything up into a box for the time being and put it into a cupboard.

Tip #2 – Clean As You Go

One of the best cleaning tips that you an keep in mind is to clean as you go. Don’t leave all your cleaning work to the last minute so it piles up.

  • If the bin gets full empty it
  • If the dishes pile up after meals then cleaning them right away or put them into the dishwasher
  • When tables get dusty sweep the dust onto the floor and then
  • Sweep once you see dust building up on the floors

These are just a few tips to keep in mind. But in general, if something is a mess then get it cleaned. This way once you do your regular weekly clean it won’t take as long and you’ll also fell good during the week knowing your home or office is quite tidy.

Tip #3  Don’t Be Cheap

Keeping a clean home or office takes a little investment. So don’t be cheap. When it comes to having enough bins for your home or office then buy what is needed. For example, you might need a few small bins for your bathrooms, a bin in the laundry, a bin in the kitchen, or two and a bin for outside.

Then you might need some general cleaning equipment you keep in your home such as mops, detergent, toilet cleaners and toilet brushes and so on. If you don’t have the right equipment in your home or office you won’t be able to clean as you go like we talked about in tip number two.

And don’t forget bin liners or rubish bags as you might know them. There are no point just having bins that will get dirty and small. It’s best to use proper bin liners. If you have the budget and want to get a cleaning company to do the cleaning for you then you can save lots of time. Is it worth it? That’s up to you to decide as you can’t get time back in the end.

Tip #4 – Break Up Your Cleaning Routine

There is really no need to do all your cleaning in one go. We have already talked about cleaning as you go in tip number two. The next step is to break your cleaning into different days of the week. If you like you can do all your cleaning on one day but that might take up to much time and if you know you’re up for say two hours of cleaning you will be more likely to put it off.

Whereas if you know you just need to spend 30 minutes on getting the bathroom clean then you are more likely to do your job.

For example, you might want to beak down your cleaning into something similar to this schedule:

  • Monday – Vacuuming
  • Wednesday – Bathroom Cleaning
  • Friday – Kitchen Cleaning
  • Sunday – Living Rooms

This way you cover your two hours of cleaning each week in small bite-sized 30-minute chunks and it doesn’t really fell like you are committing that much to do the overwhelming and tedious task of cleaning.

This will also help you to do a good job. If you know you have two hours of cleaning ahead of your then you might get lazy. On the flip side if you know you just have to do one part of the cleaning for the day then you will more than likely do the job right for that part of your house.